Sunday 2 June 2024
Promenade Park, Maldon

Supporting local charities!

The Maldon Mud Race will be held at the Maldon Promenade Park on Sunday 2nd June 2024

  1. A non-returnable Entry Fee of £50.00 will be paid by each person entering the race.
  2. Each competitor will receive a Maldon Mud Race gift pack for completing the course. A video of the event will be available to view on Youtube . Copies of this may be purchased from the Mud Race organisers together with other items of memorabilia on the Mud Race Website.
  3. All competitors will raise a minimum of £50.00 sponsorship. If this amount is not raised through sponsorship the competitor will cover any balance that is outstanding.
  4. All sponsorship money will be raised through the JustGiving website (
  5. All competitors will be advised of how to arrange their own sponsorship page on JustGiving once the entry fee of £50.00. has been received. They must make the arrangements. Failure to make these arrangements will lead to the cancellation of the entry and the forfeiture of the £50 entry fee towards administration and other costs.
  6. Competitors entering in teams will be expected to raise a minimum sponsorship of £200. 00 (Team of 4 people) and a minimum of £300. 00 (For a team of 6 people.) The Maldon Mud Race Limited will allow a replacement competitor up to 7 days prior to the event (26th May 2024) if for reasons beyond the Competitors control a registered competitor cannot compete. No entries or changes will be allowed after this date.
  7. If a competitor does not raise a minimum of £50.00 sponsorship by 15th September 2024 The Maldon Mud Race Ltd will charge the remaining balance to the debit/credit card used for entry.
  8. The prize for the highest amount of sponsorship money raised will go to the competitor who has raised the most sponsorship through their JustGiving web page by 15th September 2024.
  9. The total number of competitors will be restricted to 300.
  10. Teams must consist of four or six members, only the first 4-team members to complete the course will qualify for points and prizes. Points will be awarded according to your finishing position.
  11. Scoring will be based on the first four members of a team’s finishing position. The points will be awarded inverse to their finishing positions, therefore the lowest aggregated team score will win.
  12. All competitors must sign-in at least one hour before the start of the event.
  13. All competitors must wear footwear which must be taped to their feet.
  14. No competitors under the age of 16 years will be allowed to take part in the event (The decision of the registration Marshall(s) on the day will prevail in respect of competitor’s age.)
  15. All competitors enter entirely at their own risk and the organisers of The Maldon Mud race, The Maldon Mud Race Ltd and its directors do not accept liability for loss or injury.
  16. All competitors must complete the health and fitness declaration which must be returned to the organizing committee with the entry form. The Maldon Mud Race Ltd reserves the right to refuse the entry. Failure to provide health evidence will result in the entry being declined.
  17. Gift aid will be collected through JustGiving, Each competitor can request that 50% of their sponsorship (excluding gift aid) be donated to a registered charity of their choice . This will be done directly by The Maldon Mud Race Ltd once all sponsorship money has been received. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to all competitors advising them that The Maldon Mud Race Ltd have sent the 50% donation to the charity requested. All other monies raised will be donated to the charities nominated by The Maldon Mud Race Ltd
  18. To save costs, all communication will be done by e-mailing each individual competitor. It is therefore essential that each competitor provides this information on their entry form.
  19. All competitors are strongly advised to ensure their anti-tetanus injections are up to date.
  20. The decision of the organizing committee of Maldon Mud Race Ltd in all matters appertaining to the race shall be final and binding in all matters.

Health Declaration

You are asked to complete this declaration.

The information is required with your interests in mind. The Maldon Mud Race Limited reserve the right to refuse entry to the race as a result of the information you have given.

To the best of my knowledge the information given below is correct. I understand that I am entering the MALDON MUD RACE entirely at my own risk.

The Maldon Mud Race limited will not accept any liability for any ailments disclosed or undisclosed or for any loss or injury.

I now normally enjoy good health and I am not aware of having any concern that might give rise to a problem when taking part in THE MALDON MUD RACE.

Furthermore I do not know of any reason physical, mental, or medical, why I should not take part in THE MALDON MUD RACE, and I take full responsibility for my entry in The Maldon Mud Race.

I am aware of the physical demands that the event requires, and do not hold the organising Committee, Maldon Mud Race Limited, its directors or MALDON DISTRICT COUNCIL, responsible for any injury that may befall me.

Thank you to our sponsors