Sunday 2 June 2024
Promenade Park, Maldon

Supporting local charities!

Entry Fee: £45.00 per person

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Health Declaration

You are asked to complete this declaration.

The information is required with your interests in mind. The Maldon Mud Race Limited reserve the right to refuse entry to the race as a result of the information you have given.

To the best of my knowledge the information given below is correct. I understand that I am entering the MALDON MUD RACE entirely at my own risk.

The Maldon Mud Race limited will not accept any liability for any ailments disclosed or undisclosed or for any loss or injury.

I now normally enjoy good health and I am not aware of having any concern that might give rise to a problem when taking part in THE MALDON MUD RACE.

Furthermore I do not know of any reason physical, mental, or medical, why I should not take part in THE MALDON MUD RACE, and I take full responsibility for my entry in The Maldon Mud Race.

I am aware of the physical demands that the event requires, and do not hold the organising Committee, Maldon Mud Race Limited, its directors or MALDON DISTRICT COUNCIL, responsible for any injury that may befall me.

Please enter NONE if you have no medical conditions to declare