2021 Maldon Mud Race has been cancelled - Find out more

Since the 1980s, the charity team who produce the annual Maldon Mud Race have strived to create an exciting event which attracts huge crowds to Maldon and in turn raises thousands for local charities.

However, this year, despite the apparent relaxing of restrictions by the Government, the team feel we have no other option left but to cancel the 2021 event and look to 2022.

We are dreadfully disappointed to cancel at such short notice. We felt we had done everything to ensure the safety of entrants, volunteers, sponsors and spectators but find ourselves put in a very difficult situation by the continued uncertainty surrounding the Delta variant and the difficulties of social distancing a large event with a small team really leaves us with no alternative coupled with uncertainty surrounding factors which are outside the control of the organising committee.

For entrants you have the following options:

1. Transfer your entry to Sunday 24th April 2022

2. Donate your entry fee to our charity so we may make an interim donation for 2021

3. Cancel your entry with refund

The cancellation of this event will be a huge blow to the many charities we support and we would urge you to transfer your entry or donate if you feel this is possible.

Be assured, we will be back on Sunday 24th April 2022 and we hope our many supporters will continue to be generous and help fill all the holes left in the budgets of worthy charities by COVID over the course of 2020 and 2021.

Thank you to our sponsors